Types Of Marketing

It is now easier than ever to reach your target audience through various marketing channels, including offline and online. The uses of Hoardings, print media, television, and radio advertising are all classes of marketing, and now online marketing has taken over. Before, radio and television advertising took precedence. Nonetheless, Digital Marketing is nowadays the preferred marketing choice. It is for all business sizes, within a pocket-friendly amount one can reach the target audience.   It provides more flexibility and cost-effectiveness. You can operate your business from one location. It gives you a wide selection of platforms to advertise your product. The two main types of marketing are as follows.

  • Traditional Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

In traditional marketing, products are advertised via physical and offline means, including newspapers, billboards, and print media. Television and radio advertising services are also commonly used. Placing business advertisements on hoardings or magazines may create brand awareness. Traditional Marketing has been used for generations, but it is used very little today. The following are some traditional marketing methods.

Print Advertising

Printed advertising includes flyers, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of branding. Identifying the interests of the audience and presenting them in the advertisement can generate genuine customers for your business. 

In addition, brochures are very useful since they fold up and contain information about your business, allowing the audience to learn more about you and connect with you. Flyers, circulars, and newspaper ads are also effective since many people keep clippings.


Generally, hoardings are large advertising mediums that are displayed on roadsides. Roadside advertising is suitable for all age groups and everyone sees at least one hoarding, which creates brand awareness and brand understanding. It creates awareness of the advertisement which gets the users’ attention. 

In addition, hoardings are always live for 24 hours continuously, so anyone can reach a business person at whatever time is convenient for them. Hoardings also enable users to select locations that are appropriate to their target audience. Due to a wider audience and more leads, as well as a larger geographical area, it is a good way to expand your real-time user base.


Broadcast Marketing

Broadcast ads are defined as those airing on television or radio. This type of advertising also reaches a large group of people. The first television ad was broadcast in 1941, which struck a huge chord with people. By publishing on a large and visible platform, your business is easily discovered and attracts a lot of attention.

With creative broadcasting, the brand perception will increase. A marketing strategy that generates leads, increases sales and boosts the business is the most effective one and can be applied to any type of business, whatever its size or type of business. 

The process of marketing is necessary for any business in any mode, be it online or offline, unless you will shake the market with the sound of your business, you will be left behind. It helps in many ways.

Digital Marketing

Businesses can market themselves through digital tools and digital platforms such as social media applications, websites, and other digital marketing tools. Digital marketing makes it easier to connect to customers, makes conversion easier, is more cost-effective, and reaches a wider audience.

Under Digital marketing, there are several other forms of marketing available, which will be discussed below. Paid advertisements are also offered, allowing complete control over the budget and using other marketing features for a better advertising experience.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an approach to marketing that combines content marketing, social media, e-commerce, online events, and video content to improve client acquisition efficiency. Inbound marketing helps business owners reduce the time spent wandering and looking for clients. SEO alone will bring customers to your store and encourage them to seek out products and get back into your business.

A properly executed inbound marketing strategy can generate considerable profits, as the customers seek only valuable content that feeds and enriches their knowledge. Increasing brand awareness leads to increased sales, which eventually leads to more traffic on the website. The business can increase its revenue through inbound marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing, which involves mailing promotional messages to a list of people in the masses. Its main use is for promoting business and generating leads. It can help increase sales and brand recognition.  An email consists of a subject line, a body, and a conclusion.

In an email, the subject line is what draws the eye. It is common to check your email inbox every hour, and the number of email users keeps growing. Emails can be sent as promotional messages, requests, or sign-up requests.

Content Marketing

When we hear about content marketing, the only thing we think about is the written articles, blogs, and written material; are they enough for marketing?


There is no such thing as a Content Marketing strategy; it involves marketing with content in any form that consumers demand – whether that content is video, podcast, audio, or image. Content Marketing can be successful only when it is delivering content that addresses the audience’s needs and they are useful to the audience. Consumers are only interested in content that will solve problems. 


The engagement rates and reversion rates will rise if we provide continuous content that decodes the solution. A good headline, main body, and conclusion are the first things that will attract consumers, no matter whether there’s an offer or a clean article. Content marketing is effective for small and medium-sized businesses.


Social Media Marketing

Essentially, Social Media Marketing is an online marketing method in which the promotion, branding, and advertisement of businesses are done using social media platforms. Currently, social media marketing can be an effective marketing tool as young people, adults, and older people also utilize social media applications. 

Each user searches on social media applications about the product before buying, which can benefit businesses. 

Displaying relevant and effective data leads to engagements, conversation, conversions, and brand awareness.  Additionally, social media marketing offers paid ads, which allow you to promote your business or identity over a large community. Paid ads offer a variety of options, such as budgets, target audiences, and audience ages.   

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means improving your Google rankings and increasing website traffic based on organic means. Note that high-quality content does not mean keyword stuffing, but rather, it means content that is significant and valuable for the audience.

In SEO, there are two things to consider: quality content and keywords. Quality content can not always rank well, but updating it and improving its keywords can help. Blog headlines can also be very important.

It is imperative that the headline describes the content. Websites that generate headlines are helpful in making your work easier. If the content truly solves the user’s problems, then it can definitely increase the number of website visitors.


Other forms of marketing also fall under digital marketing Pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, and a few more come to mind.

All of these marketing techniques have unique features and result in different outcomes.

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